Our Competitive Advantage

Phytonix’s technology has many advantages over other chemical production technologies. It utilizes carbon dioxide as the sole feedstock, avoiding food vs. fuel issues and the high costs associated with biomass sourcing and logistics. Phytonix’s production process is significantly carbon-negative. Fermentation-based technologies produce large amounts of carbon dioxide as a waste product. Our n-butanol production process replaces a fossil-based, carbon-intensive production process used by the worlds largest chemical companies. We employ a collaborative business model and work with world class scientific and engineering teams for development and commercialization.

Phytonix’s advantages over other biobutanol companies include lower production cost (no biomass feedstock) and several unique, proprietary biosafety features, which will prevent its bacteria from surviving if they get into the natural environment.

Photo credit:  Dr. Peter Lindblad, The Angstrom Laboratories