Phytonix – 2021 First Place Global Award Winning Company

Phytonix Corporation Wins First Prize in The Fifth China (Shenzen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Finals out of 1,473 Company Entries.

(Phytonix Press Release,12.08.2021) On November 30th, 2021 Phytonix Corporation won the First Prize in the finals round of the Fifth China (Shenzen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition out of 1,473 company entries for its project “Low-Cost Photosynthetic 1-Butanol Production from Carbon Dioxide Emissions”. The award for this first place finish was 1 million RMB (approximately USD $155,000). The competition officially launched on September 1st, 2021.This competition was comprised of multiple rounds organized through nine global competition divisions (Australia, Toronto, Canada (SCIiinovation), U.S.A., Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K.) across multiple technology categories including Green and Low-Carbon Technologies, Marine Economy, New Materials, Biological Medicine and Health and New Generation of Electronic Information. Leading up to the final round, Phytonix Corporation also placed second in a regional semi-final sponsored by SCIiinovation, one of the regional divisions based in Toronto, Canada. The award for this second-place finish was USD $15,000.

Phytonix Corporation (“Phytonix”) is an industrial biotechnology company headquartered in North Carolina, with development laboratories in Sweden, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, Canada. Phytonix Canada Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phytonix Corporation and is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Phytonix produces sustainable 1-butanol and other higher alcohols directly from carbon dioxide industrial emissions. Its patented process employs cyanobacteria (photosynthetic bacteria) engineered via synthetic biology. Phytonix’s objective is to be the global leader in bio-safe, direct solar chemical production. Its process utilizes carbon dioxide as the sole carbon feedstock for its microbial “chemical factories” along with energy from the sun. Phytonix and its partners utilize a collaborative and distributed business model based upon circular economy principles. Phytonix production facilities will be co-located with industrial emitters of carbon dioxide.

Humankind’s reliance on fossil chemicals & fuels is unsustainable and has caused an environmental crisis due to high atmospheric CO2 levels. Biobased replacements need to be economically competitive and profitable. Phytonix technology directly converts CO2 emissions into industrial biochemicals and biofuels, without the need for expensive carbon capture or separation, that are low cost and carbon-negative to help profitably transition away from and replace their fossil counterparts, reducing atmospheric CO2 levels to help stabilize climate change.