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Target Market


Phytonix has a dual target market: the $ 10 billion global industrial chemical market and ultimately the $900 billion global motor gasoline market.

Approximately 320 billion gallons of motor gasoline are consumed annually with the February 2011 wholesale price at $2.75 per gallon. This market has tripled over the last decade, driven by increasing crude oil prices. Approximately two-thirds of global liquid energy production (85 million barrels/day, primarily crude oil) is consumed by transportation. Motor gasoline accounts for approximately two-thirds of transportation energy. North America consumes half of global motor gasoline. Gasoline demand is forecast to steadily increase to 2035, driven by the growing adoption of personal vehicles (increasing per-capita income) in non-OECD geographies, such as China, and the increasing forecasted price of crude oil.

Photo credit:  NREL