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Combining Ancient & New

Phytonix’s technology integrates 21st century scientific ingenuity with the ancient and elegant process of photosynthesis. We believe that this combination holds great potential to provide for civilizations’ future liquid transportation fuel needs while alleviating the stress on Earth’s environment for the betterment of all life that it supports.

Source:  Pacific Northwest National Lab

Our IP Portfolio

Phytonix has an international patent and patent-pending IP portfolio for biosafe renewable chemicals and biofuels production.
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Our Technology

Phytonix’s proprietary technology will produce biobutanol and biopentanol from photosynthetic bacteria, carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water.
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Target Market

Phytonix has a dual target market: the $ 10 billion global industrial chemical market and ultimately the $900 billion global motor gasoline market.
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Our Competitive Advantage

Phytonix’s technology has many advantages over other chemical and  fuel production technologies. It utilizes carbon dioxide as the sole feedstock, avoiding food vs. fuel issues and the high costs associated with biomass sourcing and logistics. Phytonix’s production process is significantly carbon-negative and its fuel life cycle is carbon-neutral through combustion. Fermentation-based technologies produce large amounts of carbon dioxide as a waste product. Our n-butanol production process replaces a fossil-based, carbon-intensive production process used by the worlds largest chemical companies. We employ a collaborative business model and work with world class scientific and engineering teams for development and commercialization.

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